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Tri Adventure Congratulations!

Posted by Sheila Joy on May 24, 2010

Congratulations go out to 2 familiar faces at teh Tues / Thr rides!!!
Tod Liffick and Dan Meffley recently competed in the Defiance Tri Adventure Race.
Todd finished the Time Trial in 14th position and finished 9th overall
Dan finished the TT in 19th place and the team placed 23rd overall.
Against 200+ total enties.
Way to go guys!!!!!
Was anyone else from our group there????
Dave D

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Posted by Sheila Joy on May 24, 2010

Wow, the adventure so far this year has been amazing to watch, read about and even look at in the Tour of California and Giro d’Italia.  I am amazed at the level of racing and at times even jealous that I can’t ride that well.  Then I must remind myself that each of these riders began riding, training and even racing with their local area club.  I know that I am past the “prime” racing age now, but I can still go out to the local race and support the riders.  I would encourage everyone to come out and try at least one race every year.  This is a great way to challenge yourself and look for improvement in your skills.  Hope to see you on Tuesday for OUR club road race. 
Daniel Vandock

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Hike, Bike, or Just Have A Fun Weekend !!

Posted by Sheila Joy on May 4, 2010

Hey Everyone,

Sandy and I have rented a cabin in Hocking Hills, Ohio for the weekend of Sept 24th, 25th, and if you choose, also the 26th.  Sandy and I plan on staying that sunday night also. 
    Our plans for riding are the Adena Hockhocking Bikeway, this is a 38 mile ride round trip, and will be a fairly casual ride for an afternoon.  Those of you wanting to do more riding there is a 30 mile round trip bike road called “Big Pine Road”, and there are also other trails available.  This will have more hills and may be a little more challenging.  Those of you that may not want to ride, can do some hiking, and any of the other trails, caves, or  just sit back and enjoy the cabin.
    The cabin we rented has 5 bedrooms, and 3 bathrooms (which will be shared by all).  Cost per couple could be anywhere from $200 – $250, this amount could even be lower, depending on the number of people going.  There are also 3 Queen size sleeper sofas and we will work a better rate for anyone interested.
Even if you are only interested in coming for one night, don’t hesitate to ask about arrangements. 
Bedrooms will be on a first come basis.  Meals will be discussed after we find out how many people will be going…Maximum # for cabin is 16…
 The Cabin is beautiful, and only a year old…anyone wanting to see cabin they can find it at you can view the cabin and see what it has to offer.
    Anyone interested please let Rob  or Sandy  know.
         Rob : 419-769-0923
       Sandy: 419-769-2514
                                                                                        Rob Omlor

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